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Teaching students the skills of organization and time management, Schoolhouse Publications provides effective tools that prepare young minds for their future education
and careers.

About Us

Schoolhouse Publications Inc.

Schoolhouse Publications Inc. was founded in 1988 by two former educators, Lynda Braun and Jane Silverthorne, who saw a need to TEACH planning and organizational skills to students.

It is important to prepare our youth for today’s world by teaching them the skills of organization and time management. Schoolhouse offers a variety of tools which are effective in realizing this goal. Our products can be used successfully by any individual student in any classroom. However, it is best used by the whole class, or better still as a total school program-with teachers and parents working as partners in monitoring and assisting the students’ progress.

The student planner is an important tool in bridging the gap between the “school world” and the “outside world”. No matter what occupation you pursue, whether you become a lawyer, business executive, musician, homemaker, parent, educator, or whether you become an entrepreneur—you must manage your time effectively in order to be successful.

We offer a variety of products to aid in the development of these essential skills. Through time and experience, we have developed a clean and uncluttered layout which allows the student to focus on the tasks at hand without being distracted by unnecessary diversions. Used to promote school image and student involvement, we offer a full color, completely custom front cover/back cover, as well as handbook pages for your school’s specific information. Each of our student planners comes with grade appropriate reference tools. Other options available include: clear vinyl pouches, pagemarker, ruler edge or 2 hole punch.



I love schoolhouse publication teacher planners! I have been using the planner all year and love the horizontal layout for individual days. The parent communication and record keeping section keep me organized. It's a great place to keep all my records to easily refer to during report cards. The front is always beautiful and naturalistic. I also love jazzing up each day with coloured pens and stickers to make it unique to me.—Amanda S.